Why Am I Experiencing Hearing Aid Feedback?

With discreet styles, extended battery life, and other new features, modern hearing aids offer people with hearing loss a wide range of benefits. These devices are critical tools, but some users may have issues with feedback. Fortunately, feedback-related problems are often easy to fix.

What Is Hearing Aid Feedback?

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In this context, feedback refers to whistling or squeaking noises that are picked up by a hearing aid’s microphone. There are three common types of hearing aid feedback:

  • Acoustic feedback happens when sounds that have been amplified by a hearing aid’s speaker are picked up by its microphone. An ill-fitting hearing aid usually causes this problem.
  • Electronic feedback is caused by issues with the electrical circuits in the device.
  • Mechanical feedback happens when vibrations caused by the hearing aid’s speaker make contact with its casing.

This list does not include every potential cause of feedback. Earwax buildup can also affect the performance of a hearing aid’s speaker or microphone, so it can help to clean your device periodically. If hearing aid feedback is a persistent issue, you should schedule an appointment with an audiologist right away.

Feedback Cancellation Features in Newer Hearing Aids

Digital devices feature the latest advancements in hearing aid technology. Many of these models include feedback cancellation features that automatically adjust to sounds that could lead to squeals and whistles. Newer models also offer a host of other features, including Bluetooth connectivity and sleeker, more discreet designs that can even match your skin tone.

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