Three Signs That Your Hearing Aids Need an Adjustment

Most individuals with hearing loss quickly discover the benefits of hearing aids when they start wearing them more consistently. However, it’s normal for your hearing aids to experience some wear and tear over time. Perhaps your hearing aids need to be cleaned or reprogrammed. The process of reprogramming hearing aids can easily be accomplished in your audiologist’s office, and the adjustments play a vital role in ensuring high performance. Here are some of the signs that your hearing aids are ready for a tune-up.

Inconsistent Volume Levels

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Most people who use hearing aids complain about the sound being either too loud or too soft. If your voice sounds too loud when using hearing aids, you could be experiencing what’s known as the occlusion effect. This “plugged-up” feeling is common for new users, and it might cause your voice to sound like it’s echoing inside of your head. While most hearing aid users get used to this, it may be beneficial to visit a hearing care professional who can make the appropriate adjustments either to the physical parameters or the programming of the devices.

On the other hand, a low volume also calls for a device readjustment. If you have trouble hearing with your hearing aids, there may be built-up wax blocking the microphone or debris stuck in the wax trap. An audiologist can make the proper volume adjustments on your devices or run hearing tests to identify changes in your hearing.

Whistling Sounds

If you start to notice a constant whistling sound, there may be an issue with your hearing aids. This could also mean that there is an earwax blockage or that the earpiece is improperly seated in your ear. Once you hear the whistling, take out your hearing aid and arrange for a professional to remove the earwax or check your devices for damage or technical issues.

Worsening Hearing Loss

A hearing aid will help your hearing, not make it worse. If you recognize a decline in your hearing abilities while using your devices, remove the hearing aids and schedule an appointment with an audiologist. Make sure to bring your devices to the appointment so that they can be evaluated.

When you notice poor sound quality from your hearing devices, a professional audiologist can make adjustments to help improve your hearing. Associated Hearing Professionals provides a range of comprehensive hearing tests and hearing aid services to patients at both of our Missouri offices. Contact us at 314-725-2686 in St. Louis or 636-778-9232 in Chesterfield to schedule an appointment today.