How Technology Is Changing the Hearing Aid Industry

patient and doctor having a consultation in a doctor's officeWe are constantly in awe of technology’s ability to improve our daily lives. In the last decade alone, we have witnessed an explosion of innovation in hearing aid technology designed to make them more efficient, effective, and user-friendly. Here are just a few of the latest changes in the industry that we are most excited about.

Phone Connectivity

Few things have changed the way humans interact with information in the last ten years as much as the proliferation of smartphones. The latest hearing aids are taking advantage of the widespread use of mobile devices to give wearers unprecedented levels of control and data about their devices. Apps for smartphones and tablets can pair with certain hearing aid models and let people control and calibrate their devices anytime, anywhere. The technology allows direct streaming of mobile phone calls, music, podcasts, etc.

Inertial Sensors

Last year, the hearing aid manufacturer Starkey introduced the latest futuristic take on its devices. Their Livio AI hearing aid uses sensor technology that can integrate with fitness apps and track users’ mental and physical activity. The sensors can also be used for balance management and to detect falls, improving emergency response for device wearers.

Biometric Calibration

Another hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak, is making huge strides in the world of biometric calibration for its devices. Phonak’s new Virto B hearing aids are the first to take individual ear anatomy into account when customizing hearing aids. They identify over 1,600 data points in each person’s ear to craft the device and give the wearer tailor-made hearing performance.

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