Widex Hearing Aids in St. Louis

Based in Denmark, Widex has a reputation as one of the most advanced and innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the industry. Widex hearing aids are distributed and sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Associated Hearing Professionals is proud to be part of the Widex mission to provide seamlessly integrated hearing solutions into the lives of our patients.

Widex’s UNIQUE Line

Widex’s UNIQUE hearing aid line distinguishes between soft and loud sounds to create a wider sound picture for the wearer. This wide range of audible sound is complemented by extreme comfort. UNIQUE hearing aids are so advanced that they automatically detect listening situations, giving patients an increased ability to hear the right sound in the right place at the right time. Wind and noise become a minimal nuisance with UNIQUE, allowing our patients to hear clear speech and pure sound in almost every setting. Widex instruments offer a Zen program for tinnitus therapy. Patients may choose from different choices of sounds to mask their tinnitus.

UNIQUE hearing aids are available in models ranging from virtually invisible in-the-ear styles to over-the-ear devices. At Associated Hearing Professionals, we work with each patient to determine the right fit and model for their lifestyle, budget, and needs. We also offer hearing aid repairs and troubleshooting on-site, so our patients spend less time without their device and more time out enjoying the world.

Superpower Hearing Aids

Widex’s line of superpower hearing aids is designed to help those with profound or severe hearing loss. These hearing aids are powerful yet comfortable for the wearer and deliver greater sound clarity. Our patients may be able to enjoy conversations, even in noisy environments, and maintain verbal communications without lip reading. Our patients are able to enjoy conversations, even in noisy environments, and maintain verbal communications without lip reading.

Weather-resistant and offering long battery life, superpower hearing aids by Widex are designed to give patients the power to hear. Visit us today to undergo a hearing test to learn if superpower hearing aids are an option for you. Our staff conducts hearing aid evaluations, fittings, and maintenance with aural rehabilitation to maximize the hearing capabilities of each patient.

Do Hearing Aids Help?

Hearing aid devices help more than 95 percent of all patients who suffer from hearing loss. Those who suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids are often more social than those who do not. This is attributed to their ability to hear and understand the situations around them, giving them the ability to participate in conversations.

The audiologists at Associated Hearing Professionals can help match you with the Widex hearing aid and all of the hearing aid accessories you need.

Contact us today for an appointment, or take our free at home hearing test online to assess your strengths and weaknesses. We have more than 70 years of combined expertise in the industry and offer two convenient locations. Life is better when hearing is better. Associated Hearing Professionals will be there for you through each step of the process.

*Disclaimer: This treatment may not be suitable for all patients and conditions.