ReSound Hearing Aid Specialists in St. Louis and Chesterfield

Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, styles, and strengths to fit individual needs. No matter your preferences, you’ll want hearing aids that work consistently and deliver clear sound without hassle. At Associated Hearing Professionals, we offer the ReSound series of hearing aids, designed to provide advanced hearing technology for a wide variety of hearing losses, situations, and circumstances.

Why ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound hearing aids combine adaptive solutions to everyday hearing challenges. Not only can you experience clear, uncluttered quality made for constant wear, but you’ll also enjoy state-of-the-art technology, such as Bluetooth capabilities, a rechargeable battery, and wireless accessories.

Customize and fine-tune your hearing aids’ functionality through the companion app that gives you control over settings like noise reduction and tinnitus relief. You can also stream straight into your ears from most smartphones, increasing word comprehension and overall sound quality. ReSound offers long-lasting power and true connectivity through tools that help patients hear better. If patients have questions or concerns, they can contact their hearing professional through the app for support.

Types of ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound has a full line of hearing aids and accessories to suit personal needs. See the options we offer below.

  • ReSound LiNX Quattro expands the range of sound for wearers and delivers exceptional hearing clarity. Listen more easily to the things you care about thanks to high-quality filtering and stereo streaming, no matter how noisy your environment is. The small but powerful battery lets you go a full day without recharges, and if you need extra power, the LiNX Quattro charging case holds three charges to ensure you don’t go without hearing. With a range of sizes and styles in the collection, you’ll find full and rich sound for your particular needs.
  • ReSound ENZO Q was designed for severe-to-profound hearing loss without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy a range of greater customization. Switch between settings and contexts to hear better and pair up with microphone and streaming accessories to intensify sounds. The ENZO Q also makes life easier through quality-of-life options like geotagging and a locator tool in case you ever misplace your hearing aids. If you have a cochlear brand implant, the ENZO Q and other ReSound hearing aids seamlessly integrate with your cochlear implant device.

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No matter what stage of choosing hearing aids you’re currently in, Associated Hearing Professionals can help you find your match. We know selecting hearing aids, whether from ReSound or another brand, requires careful examination and research, and our audiologists and staff are prepared to help! If you’re ready to explore your options in the St. Louis, MO metro area, send us a message to get started.