Phonak Hearing Aids for St. Louis, MO Residents

One of the many brands supported by the staff of Associated Hearing Professionals is Phonak, a Switzerland-based company that continues to lead the market in innovation. Phonak has been producing hearing aids since 1978. With each successive year, Phonak has added hearing aids to its portfolio that continue to outperform competitors in overall sound quality.

Hearing Aid Styles

Phonak offers an extensive collection of hearing aid styles to fit the lifestyle of any hearing aid user. Depending on your needs and hearing loss, there might be several options that work for you.

Completely Invisible Lyric

Currently the only extended-wear device on the market, Lyric is a completely in canal (CIC) hearing aid that naturally amplifies ambient sound and directs it to your ear canal. It can be worn 24/7 for several months at a time without the need to change batteries.

In-the-Ear/ Intracanal (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are placed completely inside the ear canal. Depending on the level of your hearing loss, these devices might be completely invisible to the naked eye. The hearing aid itself is standard, but the casing of each ITE is custom fitted to the wearer. Phonak’s Virto V falls into this category. It is small, compact, virtually invisible in the ear, and it adjusts to a range of listening situations to produce the best quality sound.

Beyond-the-Ear – Naita V

These are hearing aids that are clipped behind the ear, much like a pair of headphones. Although bulkier than ITE or Lyric hearing aids, BTE devices produce better sound quality and are easier to handle. Some BTE hearing aids, like the CROS-II, can be paired with other, more discreet hearing aids, in the case of individuals with uneven hearing loss.

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

These devices combine components of ITE and BTE hearing aids. A portion of the hearing aid is worn outside of the ear while the receiver is placed inside the ear canal. These are the most common type of hearing aids sold today. Phonak also offers several weather-resistant and water-resistant aids, making them a great choice for those constantly on the move. Phonak’s RIC Audeo V provides one of the best sound quality experiences, a plus for individuals who enjoy concerts.

The trained staff at Associated Hearing Professionals will work with you to determine the style that is right for you.


In addition to great hearing aids, Phonak offers a wide variety of accessories that can be paired with their products such as the advanced bionics cochlear implant system. These accessories provide solutions to everyday problems hearing aid users face, from using a cell phone and receiving a call to listening to conversations, television, and music. Using the Phonak EasyCall, TvLink, or Roger EasyPen in conjunction with your hearing aid can help.

The ComPilot I and ComPilot II Air are multi-purpose streamers that offer top quality stereo streaming from entertainment and communication platforms straight to your hearing aids. The battery allows you to stream for 24 hours, and the interaction is easy as the ComPilots follow spoken commands.

Speak with one of the staff at Associated Hearing Professionals to see if one of these accessories is right for you.

The staff at Associated Hearing Professionals uses extensive testing to help pair you with the perfect hearing aid. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

*Disclaimer: This treatment may not be suitable for all patients and conditions.