Oticon Hearing Aids in St. Louis, MO

Hearing impairment demands quality care to assist with typical issues. At Associated Hearing Professionals, patients receive comprehensive and compassionate care to provide better hearing and an improved quality of life. Our extensive experience is the key to our care. We provide state of the art instruments, including Oticon hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles

The Dynamo

Oticon has developed a hearing instrument that takes hearing to a whole new level. This device is uniquely designed to assist people with the most profound hearing loss. Special Brain Hearing technology takes spoken words and helps them become more understandable for the wearer because of the way the brain hears and understands the sounds. Sounds are not just amplified; they become more recognizable and understandable. As the ears hear more effectively, this allows the brain to process the sounds faster and more easily. Crucial thinking processes remain vital with Oticon’s Brain Hearing technology.

Ultimate Performance

With the Alta2 Pro, Oticon has succeeded in improving understanding of soft speech by as much as 20 percent. Even whispers come through loud and clear. This can be an ideal solution for people who struggle with a combination of tinnitus and hearing loss. Explore the wide array of colors and styles for the Alta2 Pro device.

Oticon also offers several levels of technology including the Nera Pro 2 and Ria Pro 2.

ConnectLine and Streamer Pro

The ConnectLine connects your hearing aids to entertainment and communication applications. It gives the user enhanced sound during face-to-face conversations, television watching, video chatting, and phone calling. ConnectLine turns hearing aids into a personal wireless headset.

Streamer Pro is the technology integrated into the ConnectLine series of devices that allows the users full control of the volumes of the communication and entertainment sources. Audio transmissions come through without delay, perfectly mirroring the visual images.

Remote Control

Controlling the functionality of an instrument lends an ease of use to the entire process. Signals from a cell phone, landline phone, television, or microphone enable seamless connectivity to control a device.

Audio Streaming

A special adapter effortlessly streams television and computer audio directly into the instrument to make it easy to stay focused on the action.

Phone Adapter

Any landline phone can connect with a Bluetooth device to send wireless audio directly to both the Bluetooth and the hearing device.


A conversation partner can wear a special microphone that transmits voice sounds directly to a hearing aid for enhanced communication.

Conversation System

A special conversation system makes communication between people easier by reducing potentially irritating background noise. This system includes transmitter, microphone, and receiver.

Our team of audiologists is ready to assist patients with comprehensive evaluations, exams, and treatment. If you’re not sure about your hearing issues, take a simple at-home hearing test. You can quickly find out whether you are hearing properly or not. We offer Care Credit and special financing terms with affordable payments and no interest. We bring a combination of over 70 years of experience to our patient care.

*Disclaimer: This treatment may not be suitable for all patients and conditions.