Oticon Hearing Aid Specialists in St. Louis and Chesterfield

Individuals who have a hearing impairment can improve their quality of life with the proper hearing aids. At Associated Hearing Professionals, patients who need hearing aids receive comprehensive and compassionate care with the benefit of our extensive experience. We will recommend the appropriate selection from a range of state-of-the-art instruments. Oticon hearing aids are one example.

How Do Oticon Hearing Aids Work?

Modern hearing aids do more than just increase the volume of sound. Today’s technology allows hearing aid users to fine-tune their experience for a comfortable environment and better communication.

Hearing aids contain five main components. The microphone picks up sound and transmits it to a computer processor within the hearing device. This processor adjusts the sounds based on your specific hearing loss, then sends them to the amplifier. These sounds travel to the speaker and are then transmitted to the inner ear through either a receiver or a thin tube depending on the type of hearing aid. Inside the ear, the sounds become electrical impulses that your brain can decipher and understand.

Oticon Hearing Aid Styles

Some of the most popular hearing aid innovations from this trusted brand include:

  • The Oticon Xceed takes hearing to a whole new level. This device is specifically designed for people with profound hearing loss. Proprietary BrainHearing technology by Oticon uses the way the brain hears and understands the sounds to help the user better comprehend spoken words. Sounds are not just amplified; they become more recognizable and understandable. As the ears hear more effectively, the brain can process the sounds faster and more easily.
  • The Oticon Opn S hearing aids can improve understanding of soft speech by as much as 20%. Even whispers come through clearer. This hearing aid is often an ideal solution for people who struggle with a combination of tinnitus and hearing loss. Explore the wide array of colors and styles for the Opn S device.

Oticon also offers several levels of technology for its hearing aids. Many Oticon hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible with some smartphones. They are also offered in a rechargeable option, making disposable hearing aid batteries unnecessary. Oticon hearing aid users also have the option to pair their devices with accessories such as ConnectLine and Streamer Pro. ConnectLine links your hearing aids to entertainment and communication applications. It gives the user enhanced sound and clarity during face-to-face conversations, television watching, video chatting, and phone calling. ConnectLine turns hearing aids into your personal wireless headset. You’ll hear the sounds from your communication and entertainment sources in real-time, with no delay.

What to Expect With Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids are available with these optional components:

  • The remote control, which allows users to seamlessly connect with cell phone, landline, TV, smartphone, or microphone signals. With this dashboard, you can easily control your hearing experience.
  • Audio streaming with a special adapter that delivers computer and TV audio directly to your hearing aid.
  • Phone connections with both landlines and cell phones.
  • Microphones that deliver your conversation partner’s voice directly to your ear for better communication and connection.
  • A special conversation system to reduce irritating background noise when you’re speaking to others.

The team of audiologists at Associated Hearing Professionals has extensive experience serving patients in the St. Louis area. We’re ready to assist patients with comprehensive evaluations, exams, and treatment. With a thorough diagnosis of your hearing loss, we can recommend the best hearing aid for your needs. If you’re not sure about your hearing issues, take a simple at-home hearing test.

If you need a follow-up to your online screening, visit us today. We offer Care Credit and special financing terms with affordable payments and no interest. Contact us today at 314-725-2686 in St. Louis or 636-778-9232 at our Chesterfield location. You can also complete our online contact form to schedule your appointment.