Hearing Aid Technology Specialists in St. Louis and Chesterfield

Recent advances in hearing aid technology give our patients at Associated Hearing Professionals more options than ever. These are the three key features we are most excited to offer because of their potential to improve hearing and quality of life.

Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

Before hearing aid models integrated Bluetooth, those wearing hearing aids had to remove their devices to use personal audio players and mobile devices with headphones. Today, you can stream your favorite songs directly into your ears just as if you were using traditional earbuds. You can make and answer phone calls, hear text alerts and other notifications, and listen to audiobooks and podcasts without removing your Bluetooth hearing aids.

Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries were once a major expense for hearing aid users, but modern versions are available with rechargeable batteries that eliminate this cost and inconvenience. Most hearing aids with rechargeable batteries use either lithium-ion or silver-zinc batteries. Both options last up to 30 hours on a single charge and can be used for up to three or four years before needing to be replaced. Lithium-ion batteries are permanently integrated with the device hardware, while silver-zinc batteries can be removed and switched with traditional batteries.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids are small enough to fit directly in the ear canal and are virtually undetectable to others. If you’ve been putting off hearing treatment because you don’t want to wear large, bulky hearing aids, this option could be the answer. Because these devices fit so deeply in the ear, they provide an experience that’s quite similar to natural hearing. You also won’t experience the hollow sound effect, called occlusion, which may occur with other types of hearing aids that take up a larger section of the ear canal. In-the-ear devices do not produce irritating feedback and require less power than larger devices to reach the same volume.

Learn more about the latest hearing aid technologies from our team at Associated Hearing Professionals. We have more than 70 years of combined experience and offer comprehensive hearing exams and custom devices to support improved hearing and enhanced quality of life. Complete our contact form or call 314-725-2686 to request an appointment at one of our two convenient locations.