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Explore the benefits of in-canal hearing aids (ITCs) with information from Associated Hearing Professionals. We can help you determine whether you can resolve hearing issues and get you hearing better and feeling healthier with our smallest available hearing aid.

What are Invisible In-Canal Hearing Aids?

These hearing devices are revolutionary, thanks to their small size and exceptional sound. Unlike traditional hearing aids, this instrument fits into the ear fully, making it completely invisible. Because the device sits beyond the second ear canal bend, custom fitting is necessary.

Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids

A number of benefits are built into in-canal hearing aids.

  • The thoughtful design of the device appeals to many patients. With the promise of invisibility, many patients appreciate being able to hear better without advertising to the world that they’re wearing a hearing device.
  • The interior placement of the device utilizes the natural acoustics of the ear canal to deliver more natural sound. As noises enter the ear canal, they move faster and more accurately to the eardrum.
  • Wireless connectivity enables pairing with mobile devices, televisions, and other electronic devices. Depending on the size of the aids, a non-wireless option is also available for patients who prefer it.
  • Some devices have multiple memories that can adjust the delivery of sound to match everyday listening environments more closely. These memories or programs can be accessed in different ways, including a push button, remote control, or on your smartphone.
  • With the occlusion effect, patients report that their voice sounds hollow or distorted to them. This happens when low-pitch sounds get trapped between the eardrum and hearing aid. With in-canal devices, the occlusion effect is minimized thanks to reduced vibration and distortion. The short design helps release more low-pitch sound waves out from the ear instead of inward toward the eardrum.

Are Invisible Hearing Aids Right for You?

People who want discreet assistance with mild to moderately severe hearing loss are ideal candidates for this instrument.

Working with Associated Hearing Professionals

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