Completely in Canal Hearing Aid Specialists in St. Louis and Chesterfield

The audiology experts at Associated Hearing Professionals emphasize that all hearing aids differ in size, fit, and placement in or about the ear. Devices can go over the ear, fit invisibly inside the ear, and can be run by either batteries or a rechargeable unit. The completely in canal hearing aid, or CIC, fits directly inside the ear.

What Makes Completely In Canal Hearing Aids Special?

CIC technology is fully enclosed in a small plastic casing that is custom fit to the patient’s ear canal. These sophisticated electronic devices have programs preset directly into the hearing aid and operate automatically. However, if set by the audiologist the aids may have manual programs available to allow adjustments by the patient. CIC devices offer many benefits addressing mild to moderate hearing loss.

Advantages of CIC Aids

Their small size and custom fit make them highly comfortable and provide cosmetic and listening benefits to the wearer. Due to their complete placement within the canal, these devices are not noticeable unless one peers directly into the ear opening head-on.

Some wear their CIC devices around the clock for up to several months, eliminating the need to remove them each night like other models. Since CIC hearing devices are inside the ear canal, the outer ear structure keeps away wind noise while allowing unfettered telephone use, something not always possible with other hearing aid types.

As with most technology, there are some limitations.

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Margaret Juelich, AuD. and the clinical staff at Associated Hearing Professionals can help you select the optimal hearing aid best suited to your condition, lifestyle, and price range. It’s critical that a patient seeking a CIC or any other hearing aid first have a comprehensive hearing exam and evaluation to determine what device is appropriate. The practice has more than 70 years combined experience providing the latest instruments to address hearing loss effectively. Contact them today.

*Disclaimer: Treatments and outcomes are dependent on an individual patient’s condition.