Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Specialists in St. Louis and Chesterfield

For many patients, behind the ear hearing aids, including RICs and mini BTEs, are the right choice. The standard behind the ear (BTE) options are even appropriate for patients with profound hearing loss. The audiologists at Associated Hearing Professionals can help determine if you would benefit from this style of sound amplifying device.

What Are Behind The Ear Hearing Aids?

BTE hearing aids are the most common type of sound amplification devices used to treat hearing impairment. They are worn behind the ears for comfort and easy access. A small plastic case located behind the ear is connected to an earmold tucked into the outer ear. The case holds the electronic components and amplified sound travels from the device to the ear via a slender, clear tube.

The Benefits

This practical technology is very popular for its versatility, with many different models. These devices are easy to take care of, and they are known for their reliability.

Many wearers like the fact that the buttons used to adjust settings are easy to reach. There is no need to access the ear mold piece to make adjustments. Everything is handled externally via the small case located behind the ear. The buttons respond well, making it easy to switch between volumes or modes.

The majority of models come in discreet designs. Depending on your hairstyle and ear anatomy, the device may be virtually invisible. Often, the only visible component is the thin tube that enters the outer ear. These devices work very well for individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss in one or both ears. They come in a variety of color options to suit your preferences.

Additionally, BTE hearing aids can often address tinnitus. Be sure to let your audiologist know if you experience any form of tinnitus. Our staff can make adjustments to minimize the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Are Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Right For You?

Due to their ease of use, reliability, and performance, BTE hearing aids are an excellent choice for many people. The staff at our center will be happy to consult with you to determine which hearing aids are right for you. We will conduct a thorough evaluation, and we’ll address all of your concerns.

Working With Associated Hearing Professionals

Our audiologists and hearing healthcare support personnel provide outstanding patient care. We’ve created a comfortable environment to help you relax during your visit. We believe in giving each patient the individual attention needed for a positive experience and outcome.

*Disclaimer: Treatments and outcomes are dependent on an individual patient’s condition.