Invisible Hearing Aids Vs. Traditional Models

Regardless of your level of hearing loss, deciding which hearing aids will work the best for you isn’t always easy. There’s a lot to consider, from how your devices will look and feel to how they will function and noticeably improve your hearing.

Invisible hearing aids offer a few advantages over traditional models as they offer simple, versatile, and effective hearing improvement while also remaining virtually invisible to non-wearers, which may make them more suited to your needs than other hearing aid styles.

One style of invisible hearing aid is called the Phonak Lyric.

The Lyric hearing aids are meant to be very low maintenance; they are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The patient does not remove or insert the devices- this is done every few months by the patient’s audiologist.

Here’s how invisible hearing aids stack up against traditional models.

Low-Profile Hearing Technology

Invisible hearing aidsInvisible hearing aids live up to their name, delivering state-of-the-art hearing improvement while also being essentially impossible to notice from the outside. Their small size and streamlined technology allow them to rest more deeply in the ear canal than other types of devices, which helps to keep them out of sight and mind in daily life.

Thanks to their subtlety, invisible devices may also be an easy introduction to life with hearing aids for people with hearing loss who haven’t tried them before.

Relief That Feels Natural

Traditional hearing aid models typically involve larger pieces and more complex technology, which can often make them look and feel more noticeable to wearers. In addition to being smaller and harder to feel, invisible hearing aids are also custom-made for each wearer to ensure a comfortable fit without sacrificing functionality.

Invisible models like the Phonak Lyric are also less prone to cause an uncomfortable sensation known as occlusion, which can diminish sound quality, distort voices and speech, and make wearers feel as though their ears are blocked up. The small device can reduce vibration and distortion between the hearing aid and eardrum, moving low-pitch sounds away from the ear rather than inward.

Powerful and Versatile

Despite their small size, invisible hearing aids still offer top-of-the-line functionality and are suitable for people with mild to moderately severe levels of hearing loss. They are placed in the ear canal near the tympanic membrane (better known as the eardrum), where sound is captured, which allows them to enhance ambient noise naturally and effectively.

Invisible devices are also designed for extended, uninterrupted use. Phonak Lyric devices can be worn for weeks or months at a time, and their small size and subtle profile allow them to be worn alongside many daily activities, including showering, exercising, talking on the phone, and sleeping. They can also be paired with smart devices like tablets, televisions, and phones for seamless access. Your audiologist will also provide you with a tool that can easily adjust the device’s volume.

Limited Disadvantages

While invisible hearing aids undoubtedly offer a range of advantages, they still might not be a perfect fit for everyone seeking treatment for hearing loss. Other types of devices may offer better features or be a more comfortable physical fit. Here are some of the potential drawbacks to invisible hearing aid devices:

  • Their smaller size and more compact technology may not fit properly in every wearer’s ear canal.
  • They usually lack some of the more advanced technological features of larger devices.
  • They may not be suitable for wearers with severe or profound levels of hearing loss.
  • Battery life can be limited due to the device’s smaller size.

Discover Invisible Hearing Aids With Associated Hearing Professionals in St. Louis

Taking a major step toward improving your hearing loss through invisible hearing aids is easier than you think. After an initial consultation, patients who qualify for Phonak Lyric hearing aids can often be in and out of the office with a new set of powerful, discreet hearing aids in an hour or less.

Associated Hearing Professionals offers a full range of hearing services, including tests, treatments, and hearing aid fittings and repairs. To schedule an appointment and find out if Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aids are right for you, contact us today.