How to Talk to a Loved One About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss impacts people of all age groups but tends to worsen over time with age. Untreated hearing loss can further contribute to cognitive issues such as depression and isolation, an increased risk of falling, and reduced communication skills. Hearing loss can even be a sign of some health-related issues, specifically, heart-related issues. When hearing loss impacts a loved one, it can be challenging to approach the subject, so here are our tips on how to bring up the issue comfortably.

Know the Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

Make sure when discussing the matter with a loved one, you are aware of the risks of untreated hearing loss. Chances are the person you’re speaking with is avoiding or unaware of this issue. The potential dangers include physical damage to the body, such as increased risks of falling or car accidents. The emotional and mental damage can range from depression, dementia, or increased anger issues. Discussing the physical, emotional, and mental risks of untreated hearing loss can help your loved one understand the importance of getting help.

Language and ToneTwo people having a conversation at a table in front or large glass windows

Your language and tone are essential for conveying your concerns. It’s important to discuss the subject with firm understanding as well as a calm and collected tone of voice. In a private and quiet place, explain to them why you’re concerned about their hearing loss and the reasons to get tested. If they’re concerned about the appearance of a hearing aid, explain to them that there are many hearing device options, including invisible devices, that can offer more discretion. You can also offer to take your loved one to receive a hearing test and get tested with them. Listen to them communicate how they are feeling in a respectful and empathetic way while maintaining a strict resolve to show that you care about their health and want them to get the help they need.

The audiologist will assist in directing them to an appropriate hearing device, based on their hearing capabilities, their lifestyle, and their wants and needs from the hearing aid(s).

Know the Options

While there are many different hearing device-related treatment options for hearing loss, introducing and carefully explaining treatment options to your loved one may help them feel less overwhelmed during their decision-making process. Talk to your loved one about what would work best for them.

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