Benefits of Custom-Fitted Hearing Aids

When given a chance, it has become more frequent for people to invest in all things custom-made. Now, that common phrase, “One size fits all,” isn’t something people need to just accept anymore.

The advancement in custom-made products molded specifically for each person has provided the opportunity for products to work for you, not you for them. This is even true for hearing aids. Here are a few benefits you can expect when transitioning to a custom-made hearing aid.

Comfortable and Personalized Size

An older person pointing to their hearing aid

Some of the most convenient benefits of custom hearing aids are their personalized fit and matching skin tone. Custom hearing aids are made from a mold of your ear so that it fits comfortably and matches the anatomy of your ear.

Several common models of custom hearing aids include:

In addition to the shape of your hearing aid, there are custom-made hearing aids with different colors so that you can further personalize to match your skin tone. Some people choose a contrasting color to provide a “techy” look. Newer custom hearing aids have the advanced features of Bluetooth technology and rechargeability.

Better, More Natural Sound Quality

You already know everyone’s ear shape and size are different, so it’s safe to say everyone also has different levels of hearing loss. Since custom hearing aids sit directly in the ear, most can use your ear anatomy to collect sounds the way your ears were meant to. Some custom hearing aids have the capability to monitor your sound environment and automatically switch back and forth between settings to give you the best quality for different sounds.

Discreet but Powerful Performance

Custom-made hearing aids are built specifically for you, making finding the right discreet fit that much easier to find. While no one will notice your hearing aid, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to hear the impact. Custom hearing aids bring the unnoticeable look you’re searching for with all the noticeable hearing benefits you need.

Schedule Your Custom Hearing Aid Fitting Today

With a custom hearing aid, you are able to experience a more natural transition, not only by the shape of your hearing aid but also by the natural sound you are able to experience.

With over 70 years of combined experience, Associated Hearing Professionals carries the top brands in custom hearing aids for the St. Louis metro area. Schedule your custom fitting appointment today and learn more about how custom-made hearing aids can easily fit into your life.